Cousin Zaka (Vol. I)



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There is an atmosphere of library music with a common thread of melancholy; cinematic themes insinuate themselves in the listener’s mind like a film whose images the listener conjures up by her/himself. Blundetto creates atmospheres but never sets a limit on the spaces that can be explored.

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His head swimming in riddims, it was during the Slow Dance sessions, when Cousin Zaka was heavily slamming the kick drum pedal and whipping the snare drum mercilessly that Blundetto would regularly open the windows of his studio to enjoy the presence of nature all around him. Forests and fields on all sides, ever since he went into his green exile — his daily surroundings.

More than simply a way of airing out the place where he had been spending hours composing and recording, the gesture generated a complete renewal of the air and also become the principal source of inspiration for Cousin Zaka.

Cousin Zaka is the voodoo spirit of harvest season, who oversees all agricultural activities, in a word: defender of Mother Nature. A protective and benevolent presence that has invited itself to the party in the guise of a moral authority over an album conceived as a contemplative ode to nature.

Letting his mind ramble and roam along the landscape, Blundetto escaped, heading toward soul and pop, toward purely instrumental, meditative and self-sufficient music, music with no need of a voice to broaden it. Devoid of digital, no programming. Just Blundetto, his drums, his guitar, his keyboard and percussion, as well as the eternally helpful presence of help of Blackjoy thanks to whom everything becomes possible.

The imagination rides a bass line, the black and white keys leading the way. Emotions ringing anew in the six strings of his guitar, allowing Blundetto to see the earth from on high, coming just close enough, just a few inches off the ground, or else to simply observe the infinite horizon.

A1 Lord of the Field 1:56
A2 Movin'in 3:40
A3 From the Floor 3:07
B1 Illegal 4:46
B2 Gumbo 2:41
B3 Ken Park (Zaka Version) 4:02
C1 Their Spirit 2:55
C2 Minuit 2:38
C3 The Bells 3:13
D1 Attends-toi 3:45
D2 All About 4:33
D3 Shameless 3:27

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