Cumbias Con El Miramar



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First ever reissue of “Cumbias con el Miramar”, a very hard-to-find album released by Discos Fuentes in 1965.

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The album “Cumbias Con El Miramar” is full of excellent cumbias and gaitas for dancing, the record actually is a lot more diverse than the title leads one to believe, as there are lots of other hot rhythms and arrangements on it, taken from Cuban genres like guajira, guaracha, guaguancó, charanga and son montuno.

A1 Cumbia Loca
A2 Mensaje Guajiro
A3 Gaita Turca
A4 Mosaico: Catalina / Amorcito Lindo / Chela
A5 El Morrocoy
A6 La Pompita
B1 Cumbia Del Sol
B2 Moler La Caña
B3 Cumbia De Estrellas
B4 Lelogua
B5 Noche Y Cumbia
B6 Mosaico: La Silenciosa / La Pestañita / Sufre Negra

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