Divine Reeds Obscure Recordings From Special Music Recording Company (Athens 1966-1967)



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Epirótika! Greek psych folk as a soul medicine. A shepherd’s fever dream or spiritual jazz from an ancient world?

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The moment you fall in love with Epirote music, a new musical universe will open up to you! This ancient psychedelic folk with jazzy improvisations from the North West of Greece is unique and will touch your soul so deeply that epirotika aficionados always remember the place and the moment when they got to know this hypnotic and mesmerising music.

In a similar way to the music of Alice Coltrane or Mulatu Astatke, it can take you out of the here and now – the pure beauty of the magical epirotika sound can make your mind drift off to otherworldly places. The hard to find recordings of Tassos Chalkias presented on this album are seen as some of the most outstanding expressions of this distinctive musical genre.

1. Palia Itia (Old Willow Tree) 03:33
2. Echasa Ton Anthropo Mou (I Lost My Loved One) 03:36
3. Ta Goumara Ki Apidia (Berries And Pears) 03:02
4. I Efchi Tou Xenitemenou (Immigrant’s Wish) 03:11
5. Dirminitsa (The Bride’s Dance) 03:09
6. Miroloi Tis Xenitias (Lament For The Missing Ones) 03:02
7. Argyrokastritikos Choros Syngathistos (Argyrokastron Dance) 02:58
8. Pitsirika Katergara (Femme Fatale) 03:10
9. Gi Ayta Ta Erima Lefta (For The Sake Of The Damned Money) 03:18
10. Delvino Kai Tsamouria (Delvino And Tsamouria) 03:23

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