Ena Tefariki – Oriental Shake, Farfisa Madness & Rocking Bouzoukis From The Greek Laika Movement (1961-1973)



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Monster grooves, driven by a perfect symbiosis of fiery oriental rhythms and the deep, relaxed heartbeat of the bass line, with virtuosic, intoxicat-ing solos on bouzoukis, Farfisa organs, clarinets and violins.

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This double LP, compilation is the sound of laika, Greek-oriental pop music from the 60s and early 70s that sets every dance floor on fire!

These 20 carefully selected songs serve as an introduction to this mind-blowing music for the non-aficionado, as it is the first album of its kind to be released outside of Greece or the Greek migrant communities. The extended and illustrated liner notes take you back to the heyday of Greek pop music and put this cultural movement into an historical perspective.

A1 –Vassilis Vassiliadis Tsiftetelli 1969
A2 –Stelios Kazantzidis & Litsa Diamandi Den Sou Eleipe Tipota
A3 –Stratos Dionisiou Allaxe Koritsi Mou Myalo
A4 –Vassilis Vassiliadis, Litsa Diamandi & Dimitris Xanthakis Goodbye
A5 –Michalis Menidiatis Ena Tefariki
B1 –Panagiotis Michalopoulos Anastenazo Kaigontai
B2 –Podromos Tsaousakis & Litsa Diamandi Ti Thes Kai Pas Stis Magises
B3 –Katy Grey Dos Mou Tin Kardia Mou Piso
B4 –Vangelis Perpiniadis & Ria Norma Naxera Pios Pire Ti Chara Mou
B5 –Ria Norma & Vangelis Perpiniadis Konta Mou Irthes Pali
C1 –Stratos Dionisiou Tsiftetelli Pechnidiariko
C2 –Vangelis Perpiniadis Ego Den Eimai San Tous Beatles
C3 –Manos Papadakis, Babis Tsetinis & Litsa Diamandi Mavros Kapnos
C4 –Vassilis Vassiliadis Solo Tsiftetelli ‘72
C5 –Charoula Lambraki & Vassilis Tsitsanis Andra Mou Paraponiari
D1 –Panos Gavalas & Sofia Kollitiri Tha Fygo Kai Tha Me Zitas
D2 –Sofia Kollitiri Ego Pono Ki Esy Gelas
D3 –Charoula Lambraki & Theodoros Sinaidis Kai Na Fygis Tha Gyrisis
D4 –Giota Lydia Nacha Ekato Kardies
D5 –Stelios Kazantzidis & Litsa Diamandi Efige Efige

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