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In constant connection with lusophone music from South America and Africa, and after Hafa, his first album released on Soundway Records, IZEM has added the second reference to the series of MAXI 12inch EP directed by Guts on its Pura Vida Sounds label.

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First introduced into Les Fères Smith Afrobeat base camp, he stole “Ekolo” from them. How do we get out of here without arousing the vigilance of the Cerbers? By getting rid of his combat suit to put on another outfit: a jerky rhythmic to shake the bodies, brass jewelry and, most importantly, an irrepressible afro-tropical guitar groove. By the time Les Frères Smith find out, Ekolo will have burned every dance floor in his path. With one slogan: “Toujours plus loin, toujours plus fort !” (Always farther, always stronger!)

On the B-side, IZEM is focusing on Guts’ newest “L’Origine du Monde”. The adventure in the brass jungle in pursuit, mutates into an atmosphere where the bass drum pulsates over all time. The female voices call for comfort, if not more, in a call and response with a flute heated by the Afro-funk groove and visibly rushed to get serious with these ladies. It seems to be reciprocal.

A – Les Freres Smith Ecolo Assiko (iZem Remix)
B –Guts L'Origine Du Monde (iZem Remix)

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