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2018 was the hottest summer on record…so let’s see if we can cool things down while still keeping it warm all over (and over). Enter Kool Customer: a new collab from LA’s beatsmith B.Bravo and the Bay’s croon daddy Rojai, coming out September 21 on Bastard Jazz. The vibe: think West Coast Boogie Funk À la Dam-Funk, thrown in Styrofoam cup with some 80s synth steez, then escorted to the strip club (at 3AM) dressed head to toe in a white tux lined with gold chains.

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The LP’s kick-off “Play” is an ode to bed springs, as is the grand finale “Tonight’s the Night”— but what happens in between the sheets? Prepare yourself for the smooth basslines and raspy bars of “Sweet Tea,” the creamy licks and buttery synths of “Pure Delight,” and the heads down r&b of “Rain on My Window.” You can also envision yourself cruising in a low-rider when throwing on the breezy “Blackberry (Somebody Told Me),” or surfing (slash exhaling) a cloud above the city on the woozy “Nice Touch.” Expertly produced beats are nestled up to warm vocals and crafty lyricism about life and love and lust in 2018 a plenty here.

Metaphors aside, the debut from Kool Customer finds two talented musicians doing what they do best: chilling you out while making you move, in perfect unison. Also, keep an eye out for the super-special deluxe pack, that might just come in handy when you need it most. Ooh La La.

A1 Play 3:21
A2 Blackberry (Somebody Told Me) 3:51
A3 It's Alright 4:39
A4 Nice Touch Featuring, Written-By – Sally Green 4:08
A5 Sweet Tea Featuring, Written-By – Sally Green 3:41
B1 Favorite Song 3:03
B2 Those I Like 3:18
B3 Pure Delight 3:54
B4 Rain On My Window 4:17
B5 Tonight's The Night 5:46

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