My Life at 45



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Dr Rubberfunk might not be medically trained, but he does know a thing or two about treating your ears, as he returns with his fourth album ‘My Life at 45’.

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Having established himself in funk, soul, blues and jazz circles with a ton of high calibre releases, the good doctor holds a reputation for quality productions, with a hands-on approach, both in front of, and behind the mixing desk, as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and producer.

The new album brings together stunning vocals from John Turrell, Izo FitzRoy and Stephanie Whitelock, whilst the instrumental tracks, showcasing the talents of long-time collaborators Jim Oliver, Jonathon James and Ben Castle, make it clear just what a crack production outfit the Doctor has put together.

A1 Boom! 3:29
A2 Pressure Cooker 3:19
A3 A Matter Of Time 4:31
A4 How Beautiful 4:24
A5 Canvas Cathedral 3:57
A6 With Love 3:59
B1 Slim's Mood 3:40
B2 Hey! 2:50
B3 A Little Blahzay 3:31
B4 Steppin' In 4:56
B5 Laid Bare 3:05
B6 Longshore Drift 3:20

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