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Young singer/multi-instrumentist Derya Yıldırım teams up with fantastic drummer Greta Eacott (G-Bop Orchestra / One-Take records) and 3 quarters of Catapulte Records’ Orchestre du Montplaisant (Antonin Voyant, Graham Mushnik, Andrea Piro). With members originating from Turkey, Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain, Grup Simsek encapsulates the Outernational generation.

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Their debut EP kicks off with legendary Mahzuni Serif’s Nem Kaldı, a groovy lament with killer melody line, where saz and synth wave through a stream of wah-wah guitar arpeggios.

Graham Mushnik-penned instrumental 3,2,2,3 is a 5/4 psychedelic mover lead by the acid sounds of the organ.

On side B, Derya delivers a splendid interpretation of Ozdemir Erdogan’s song Gurbet.

Davet, a Grup Simsek composition, is a dancey, Saz-lead song likely to shake many dancefloors with emotion. The lyrics are drawn from a poem by Nazım Hikmet, father of modern Turkish poetry.

Unlike in Western Pop culture, Turkish Pop music rather lives from traditionalised songs and endless ways of reimagining these. Grup Simsek take the righteous and rich Turkish poetry to the future whilst not losing awareness of the past.


A1 Nem Kaldı
A2 3,2,2,3
B1 Gurbet
B2 Davet

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