François N’Gwa". A tribute to his work, remastered for first time.




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Discover the sound of the Afro-Synth maestro “François N’Gwa“. A tribute to his work, remastered for first time.

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Product Description

Since the early 80’s, Gabonese musician François N’Gwa has been jamming with instruments, synthesizers and, later on, production software exploring multiple music aesthetics from his Paris based home studio.

Over the years, N’Gwa has written and produced incredible and timeless music, melting together his African music heritage with his favorite influences.

New French label Into The Deep Treasury is delighted to present Ogooué as a tribute to N’Gwa’s homeland, compiling some of his finest pieces, carefully restored and remastered, pressed on 180g vinyl in a hand painted cover artwork for the most enjoyable listening experience possible.

A1 N'Kang 4:30
A2 N'Dzegho 4:18
A3 Monguissono 3:53
A4 N'Gondjet 5:35
B1 N'Kene 5:50
B2 Idiengue 4:40
B3 Trance 1:10
B4 Eliwa 6:37

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