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Thirty years after its first release of “Physical”, Jamwax proposed to Vivian Jones the reissue project. Vivian Jones was waiting to release again this gem and he put his trust in Jamwax. In 2011, an english label tried to reissue “Physical” without success. People were waiting this reissue for so many years that many of them didn’t believe the official Jamwax release was true. “Physical” featured all the best elements of mid 80’s production: slamming drum machines, tremulous synth bass and trilling keyboard lines. This is a no holds barred soundsystem killer that should have everyone on the dancefloor “Physical, physical and everybody get physical, physical”.

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Vivian Jones was born in 1957, in the country side of Jamaica. At the age of ten years old, he moved with his parents to the UK. At school, Vivian discover he had the ability to sing and all the girls were crazy about that. One of them used to know Tony Ashville (who produced John Holt) and she ask Vivian to go see him. Vivian goes to his house and Tony gave him a riddim to work on. Then Vivian Jones became increasingly involved in the local reggae scene.

In the mid-1970s he began performing with sound systems, initially as a deejay. Then he was a member of several bands including The Spartans, The Doctor Birds, The Mighty Vibes and The Pieces. In 1980 he began to record as a solo artist, enjoying a hit that year with “Good Morning”. But Vivian Jones received only two copies of the vinyl and nothing from the selling. Disillusioned with the music industry, he returned to Jamaica in 1982 to stay with his grandparents. He returned to London and began work outside of music. He soon began recording again in his spare time, and his debut album Bank Robbery was released in 1984.

“Physical” was recorded at Park Royal studio (London, UK) in 1985. Vivian Jones built the riddim with his friend Trevor Star. The song didn’t get huge selling in England but Vivian Jones heard that the selling were very good in Japan and in the United States. He pressed only 500 copies. All copies were sold very quickly and Vivian Jones didn’t repressed because he had plenty other tunes to releases.

A Physical
B1 Energy (Instr) B2 Energy (Dub)

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