Rito Esclavo



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First ever reissue of “Rito esclavo”, Pedro Laza’s eighth album as leader of Los Pelayeros, originally released on Discos Fuentes to great success in 1961.

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This early Fuentes classic LP is distinguished by high quality engineering that holds up brilliantly more than half a century later, with bright and deceptively intricate interlocking brass featuring a distinctive reed section, rolling tropical percussion and a wide variety of Caribbean rhythms from both Colombia (cumbia, porro, paseaíto, fandango) and Cuba (cha-cha-chá, mambo).

A1 La Mafafa 2:56
A2 Cariñoso 2:37
A3 Señora Santana 2:10
A4 Lindo Magdalena 2:34
A5 El Chupaflor 2:24
A6 Cara De Piedra 2:49
B1 Roberto Ruiz 2:37
B2 Lamento Guajiro 2:04
B3 La Mano Descompuesta 2:52
B4 Rito Esclavo 2:22
B5 El Que Aguanto Aguanto 2:55
B6 La Varita De Caña 2:10

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