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Packed full of DIY dub mixing, cosmic orchestration and raw, percussion driven polyrhythms, the recordings have been remastered and put to vinyl for the first time with sections from Casual Rhythms Vol. 1 being re-shaped into previously unavailable single tracks.

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Product Description

Elite Beat is a musical collective from Portland, Oregon with a history spanning back to 2006.

‘Selected Rhythms’ captures the finest moments from all three of their ultra limited cassette series ‘Casual Rhythms’.

Recording plays a big role in the Elite Beat creative process. The studio as an instrument. Much of the Elite Beat music is mixed in an all-hands-on-deck dub style approach – live with an analog mixer and loads of FX being thrown and dubbed in real time. The sound is genre-less rhythm music with an emphasis on live playing, free form expression and technique that borrows from soundsystem culture. Inspiration can be heard from all parts of time and place. Some Ethio Jazz, Black Ark psychedelia, Exotica, Malian blues, even Haight-Ashbury in the summer of love. Each member an accomplished musician in their own right, Elite Beat thrive on collaboration. 2018 saw the release of their astral-Saharan jams with celebrated Taureg guitarist Mdou Moctar.

The players get together every Wednesday evening, sometimes to chat, sometimes to play. The ‘record’ button gets pressed when they find what they are searching for. For this crew it’s all about ‘Casual Rhythms / Harmonious Lifestyles’ – if things don’t fall under that mantra, then it’s got to go. ‘Less is more’ for Elite Beat and their cosmic sounds.

A1 Roggish & Unclean
A2 Go Back To Oly
A3 Budget Dancehall
A4 Mellow Fellows
B1 North Trini
B2 Powerdance
B3 Sports Radio
B4 RLC (Ambient Mix)

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