The Library Archive Vol. 1



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The funky, atmospheric, evocative and sometimes downright weird output of companies such as DeWolfe, Cavendish, Burton and the ubiquitous KPM have always been a guiding inspiration for ATA Records, as evidenced in the spooky soundtrack works of The Sorcerers, the big band brass of The Yorkshire Film & Television Orchestra and even in the soul-jazz of The Lewis Express (‘Theme From The Watcher).

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Everything released on ATA is written and guided by the label heads Neil Innes and Pete Williams, who frequently dip their toes in the Library pond while working on other projects. These occasional one-off tracks have accumulated over the past few years and have now found a home on the first volume of an ongoing series : The Library Archive

Ranging from heavy big band brass (Whack, Slap & Blow, Kaye Okay) to evocative thriller soundtrack (Midnight Heist, Wiretap, The Needlenose) via introspective ethereal soundscapes (Nuclear Wind, Siren’s Sea) these 11 tracks faithfully recreate the feel of the Library music catalogues of the 60s and 70s.

A1 Whack, Slap & Blow 3:03
A2 Duck Strut 2:29
A3 The Needlenose 2:27
A4 Wire Tap 3:03
A5 Wigged Out 2:40
B1 Nuclear Wind 2:08
B2 Kaye Okay 2:41
B3 Siren's Sea 3:38
B4 Midnight Heist 3:13
B5 Nuclear Wind II 2:21
B6 Planet Nine 3:25

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