Uzelli Elektro Saz (1976 – 1984)



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Uzelli Elektro Saz is the new compilation of the label Uzelli, with a selection of Disco, Funk and Psychedelic Turkish tracks.

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Product Description

This album is a selection of performances on the electric saz, an instrument that some hold in contempt. Simple, calm and dignified villagers, forced to leave their villages behind, carried the saz to new lands. As they called out to the crowd of fellow exiles and struggled to adapt to a new way of life, their traditional acoustic saz transformed into the electric saz and rang out with a new and different urban sound.

A1 –Akbaba İkilisi Darıldım Darıldım 5:13
A2 –Kına Gecesi Ensemble Misket 2:11
A3 –Mehtap Tuna Gönül Dağı 2:42
A4 –Sarı Zeki Topal 2:21
A5 –Handan Yazgan Karanfilli Yar 1:40
A6 –Mehmet Karakoç Yine Gönlüm Sende 5:42
A7 –Sultan Sümbül Mercanlar 2:46
B1 –Gülcan Opel Yaz Dostum 5:31
B2 –Mehtap Tuna Nar Tanesi 4:42
B3 –Sarı Zeki Dom Dom Kurşunu 3:44
B4 –Handan Yazgan Mavilim Hangi Ellidir 3:40
B5 –Kına Gecesi Ensemble Sarı Yıldız 2:20
B6 –Aşık Emrah 20. Asrın Bozuk Düzeni 3:41

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