Zota Yinne (Version) / Starlet Road Filling Station Romance (Version)

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“Zota Yinne” is a dubbed out variation of the original Frafra gospel classic with the one and only Jimi Tenor as a guest on flute and synth. “Starlet Road Filling Station Romance” is an other-worldly search for love, perfectly characterized by Jimi Tenor’s love cries on the saxophone.

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Product Description

This release by The Band of Enlightenment, Reason & Love presents a new instrumental version of the heavily sought after debut release “Zota Yinne” by Alogte Oho, the meanwhile classic second release on Philophon from 2014 (PH45002). So far, The Band of Enlightenment, Reason & Love, as Philophon’s house band, never had any release under its own name, but here we go! It’s sure: more will follow.

A Zota Yinne (Version) 4:17
B Starlet Road Filling Station Romance (Version) 4:15

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