Ciro Miami
RECOMMENDATION Ciro Miami Fratelli Malibu is an original idea of Andrea De Fazio with the cooperation of Paolo Petrella, drummer and bassist for the “Nu Guinea” live band. Their love for synthesizers and drum machines brought them together to create the shiny world of Ciro Miami. 21.00  Add to cart
Wu Hen
RECOMMENDATION Wu Hen Wu Hen! Got you all in check! Jazz boundary-pusher Kamaal Williams returns with a set of vivid ‘Wu Funk’ on his sophomore LP. 23.00  Add to cart
Naçào àfrica
RECOMMENDATION Naçào àfrica Delving deep to explore the roots of Brazil’s musical tradition, the Camarão Orkestra has tapped into Candomblé and its rhythms. Born on the drums of enslaved Africans in a ritual that invokes numerous deities, they lay the foundation for this new album, Nação África. 22.00  Add to cart
K. Frimpong Backed By Vis​-​A​-​Vis
RECOMMENDATION K. Frimpong Backed By Vis​-​A​-​Vis A classic and essential Hi-Life & Afro Funk album from one of the greatest Ghanaian singer and composer, reissued for the first time! The legendary K Fimpong's fantastic rare album was recorded in 1978 at Ghana Films Studio in Accra. 24.00  Read more
The Empire Strikes Back Again
RECOMMENDATION The Empire Strikes Back Again This album is a pleasant proof that funk & soul Music can always sounds good & alive in our time, once again thanks to Patchworks and its Uptown Funk Empire alias. 21.00  Add to cart
Scattered Memories
RECOMMENDATION Scattered Memories On his debut album "Scattered Memories", the composer, musician and true master on the Iranian spike fiddle kamancheh SABA ALIZADEH blends his instrumental virtuosity with spherical electronics, samples of Persian music instruments and field recordings from his hometown Tehran. 22.00  Add to cart
Silvestre Mendez Presenta Mi Bomba Sonó & A Bailar Oriza
RECOMMENDATION Silvestre Mendez Presenta Mi Bomba Sonó & A Bailar Oriza The impact and influence of music of (Afro) Cuban origin has spread from Cuba to the far corners of the world. Its fingerprint can be found through salsa, jazz, funk, soul, hip hop and everything in between. Cuba has an incredibly rich culture of music and dance which is ingrained in its people from... 15.00  Add to cart
RECOMMENDATION Kudihohola With the help of Lisbon friend "Dedy Dread", Matasuna Records has managed to reissue two outstanding songs from the debut album of Angolan musician "Chalo Correia" on a hot & fiery 7inch. Although the album was originally released in 2015, only a handful of people outside Portugal were lucky enough to get their hands on one of... 13.00  Add to cart
The Dancing Devils of Djibouti
RECOMMENDATION The Dancing Devils of Djibouti The first ever international album from the Republic of Djibouti and Ostinato's first studio recorded album. While the music of Somalia is widely celebrated, its neighbor, Djibouti, formerly known as French Somaliland, is home to an equally deep reservoir of its own unique Somali music. 26.00  Add to cart
Sebastiao Tapajos Pedro Dos Santos Vol.2
RECOMMENDATION Sebastiao Tapajos Pedro Dos Santos Vol.2 Recorded and originally released only in Argentina in 1972, the album shows an exquisite and delicate dialogue between the guitar of Sebastiao Tapajos and the percussion provided by Pedro Dos Santos that generates ambiences of unusual beauty and depth. Includes the killer samba funk tune "Tornei a caminhar". 25.00  Add to cart
Makom Ma Bobe
RECOMMENDATION Makom Ma Bobe The first ever official re-release of Cameroonian singer Jeannette NDiaye's 1981 disco masterpiece 'Makom Ma Bobe', backed by an extended edit courtesy of Mendel. Now on Kalita Records. 16.00  Add to cart
Super-Sonic Family Vol. One
RECOMMENDATION Super-Sonic Family Vol. One A snapshot of the rising Dutch jazz scene, the ‘Super-Sonic Family’ compilation captures a refreshed spirit of talented artists that are shaping the new musical directions within the Lowlands. This thirteen track collection connects these unique artists that express themselves beyond the borders of genres. 24.00  Add to cart
Little Sister (Sho Nuf Fine)
RECOMMENDATION Little Sister (Sho Nuf Fine) In addition to the inclusion on the "Movements Vol.10" double-gatefold LP Tramp Records felt that a release of The Headliners' "Little Sister (Sho Nuf Fine)" on a beloved 45rpm single format is more than justified. 12.00  Add to cart
I Believe In Miracles
RECOMMENDATION I Believe In Miracles Here's Sunlightsquare Latin Combo's 10th Anniversary special red edition of "I Believe In Miracles" 7inch vinyl record. This is a repress from the same metalwork as the original 2010 release. 15.00  Add to cart
RECOMMENDATION Subhan Reggae from Libya, recorded at Ahmed Ben Ali's home studio in Benghazi in 2008. Ahmed Ben Ali was born in 1971 in Benghazi. He went to boarding to school in Canada for 8 years, and returned to Libya. For a couple of years he also worked in the UK. 16.00  Add to cart
RECOMMENDATION Zandale Another exquisite 7" from the Finnish label Afro7. Recommended. This 2 tracks does not appear on his compilation. 12.00  Add to cart
The Now Generation (Percussive Underscores)
RECOMMENDATION The Now Generation (Percussive Underscores) Full of synth funk, afro beats, exotica, leftfield madness, dance floor dynamite and all-around greatness, The Now Generation (Percussive Underscores) is comfortably one of the very best library records full stop. 26.00  Add to cart
Indigo EP
RECOMMENDATION Indigo EP Drawing inspiration again from cosmic disco, Afro-house and and Italo - Luke, Brad and Dominic hone their craft further on the Indigo EP with tight percussion, balanced arrangements and hard-hitting grooves. 16.00  Add to cart
Napoli Segreta Volume 2
RECOMMENDATION Napoli Segreta Volume 2 Available on 31/03/20. Volume 2 of the Napoli Segreta compilation. After the acclaimed first volume of this series, Napoli Segreta is back with a brilliant  selection of unknown groovy tracks. Top pick! 23.00  Add to cart
Kudreda / Mamermaids
RECOMMENDATION Kudreda / Mamermaids Another heavy 7" from Mameen 3. Essential for new electronic world beat Dj´s. Limited to 250 copies. 14.00  Add to cart
Beleive Me
RECOMMENDATION Beleive Me Totally unknown until recently, Surprise, primarily an early work from the great composer, still sounds fresh and crisp and we hope it will now get the attention it did not get upon release. 30.00  Add to cart
French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol. 4 (1977-1991)
RECOMMENDATION French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol. 4 (1977-1991) "Monsieur" Charles Maurice returns with the volume 4 of the "French Disco Boogie Sounds" series. 13 rare & obscure gems of French Disco, Boogie and Zouk from 1977 to 1991. 24.00  Add to cart
Recalling You
RECOMMENDATION Recalling You To make it short, “I Recall” and “Teasing You” fell in love and had a baby at the nightclub… here comes Recalling You, packed in a 45rpm 12inch vinyl edition and coming with a hot Dub edit by Charles Maurice on B-side. 14.00  Add to cart
Message In Our Music Vol. 2 (selected by Waxist)
RECOMMENDATION Message In Our Music Vol. 2 (selected by Waxist) Message In Our Music Vol.2 has been fully remastered, and features interview based liner notes, along with never seen before pictures of the artists selected. 22.00  Add to cart
Soleil Kréyol
RECOMMENDATION Soleil Kréyol "Creole Soul!" Two words are enough for David Walters to qualify his music. The exclamation point to support radicalism and faith in its purpose. A lapidary definition behind the doors of which hides the maze of a culture that crosses the oceans, connects continents and islands by an invisible but powerful thread. A deeply... 24.00  Add to cart
Bahamas Gone Independent / Calypso Funk
RECOMMENDATION Bahamas Gone Independent / Calypso Funk Limited edition Calypso Funk monster. Only 300 copies. 12.00  Add to cart
Afro Exotique – Adventures In The Leftfield, Africa 1972​-​82
RECOMMENDATION Afro Exotique - Adventures In The Leftfield, Africa 1972​-​82 The influence of both traditional and contemporary African music on Funk and Disco, from the late 60's to the early 80's, has rightly become ever more widely recognised over the last 30 plus years. 22.00  Add to cart
RECOMMENDATION Dila Far Out Recordings proudly presents the first and only album from the mysterious Brazilian vocal sensation Dila. Having reportedly died in a car crash shortly after the album’s release in 1971, there is very little known about the woman behind the voice. But the joyous music Dila left behind, gives us a picture as... 24.00  Add to cart
Si Voce Pensa / Birimbao
RECOMMENDATION Si Voce Pensa / Birimbao Matasuna Records is thrilled to reissue another musical jewel from Peru on vinyl for the first time. The songs were recorded by the band Bossa 70 and released on a 7inch EP and the self-titled album in 1970. Both are much sought-after collector's items and impossible to find. The songs were transferred from the original master tapes... 13.00  Add to cart
Work It Out / Til I Found You
RECOMMENDATION Work It Out / Til I Found You Today Favorite Recordings is thrilled to present Work It Out / Til I Found You, new 2 tracks single by Leroy Burgess & Saving Coco, produced and composed by The Bernard Brothers and Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart. The Bernard Brothers is a Paris/London based production duo comprised of Elliott and Nevil Bernard. Elliott (aka Seiji... 17.00  Add to cart
Guardian Angel ‎– Woman At The Well
Sylvia Fagan aka Guardian Angel is the oldest sister of Bevin Fagan which is Matumbi's lead singer. Matumbi was the ...
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Voilaaa ‎– African Music
This time exploring the wide spectrum of the African and Tropical Disco scene, he received a massive international support for ...
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Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek ‎– Nem Kaldı
Young singer/multi-instrumentist Derya Yıldırım teams up with fantastic drummer Greta Eacott (G-Bop Orchestra / One-Take records) and 3 quarters of ...
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Tony Allen ‎– HomeCooking
Originally released in 2002, Comet is proud to present the legendary album HomeCooking, reissued with a remastered version ...
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Mombasa Roots EP
Afro7 Records presents Mombasa Roots. This 5-track EP features the group's synth excavations from the 80s: Karibishe, Mezea Tu (Lele ...
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Jay Airiness / Venice Beach ‎– A - AA
45 LOVES is a brand new label dedicated to DJ party tools on 7inch! ...
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Black Savage
The very first compilation of the Kenyan band "Black Savage" on Afro7 Records. Limited Edition ...
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Colleen Grant / Sandra Hamilton ‎– Latin Parang / Parang Jam
Soundway presents two rare, Parang dancefloor cuts from early 1980s Trinidad & Tobago ...
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LÉVE LÉVE Sao Tomé & Principe sounds 70s​-​80s
Léve Léve : Sao Tomé & Principe Sounds 70s-80s Vol.1, by Les Disques Bongo Joes, is the very first compilation ...
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